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Understandable forms made easy.

Training for accessible communication with authorities

Public authorities communicate sensitive and emotionally charged content to their customers every day. A lot can go wrong in the process. Our workshop focuses on all the elements that need to be considered – regardless of whether a document is digital or analog.

Concept, workshop formats, visualization

The problem

A path for all.

As part of the Creative Bureaucracy Festival we tackled a topic that has been known as a problem for a very long time and is currently picking up speed again:

German government communication is not very citizen-friendly. Opaque, overloaded forms and applications are intimidating and create barriers between employees and customers.

For faster processes and a better feeling on both sides, information sources, input masks and forms must become easier to understand and grasp, both digitally and in analog form.

We pass on our knowledge.

In order to approach the topic in a playful yet comprehensive way, we have developed the Trimm-Dich-Pfad für verständliche Behördenkommunikation. In ten learning and hands-on stations, employees of German authorities and institutions and interested parties go through an entertaining training process that offers solutions for citizen-centered language, text hierarchies and much more. The path can be completed entirely remotely and can be worked on in several small groups.

We want to encourage discussion and initiate low-threshold change – that's why the Trimm-Dich-Pfad should not stay with us. We have already run it with many interested people across Germany and offer remote and on-site workshops. Over the course of one or more days, we focus on user-friendly language and design and achieve great results even with small changes. Curious? We look forward to your registration!

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»A nice start for dealing with the topic. Sometimes we need impulses from outside - we don't always have the opportunity to implement everything, but having methods at hand is motivating!«

– Participant of a Workshop

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