Designing holistic service experiences always requires new perspectives – which is why we tackle each task with the suitable method.

A look at the big picture

Strategy & Consulting

We assist companies in designing their service offerings, products and internal processes in a user-centric manner, thereby making them fit and sustainable for the future. In particular, we address change processes that focus on customer satisfaction, cost reduction, and employee well-being.

Searching and finding nodes

Service Evaluation

By analyzing and/or evaluating data from the customer's perspective, we find the most important points of friction and obstacles within the service process. We take special care not only to look at individual problems but also to find their origin. In every evaluation, we put ourselves in the perspective of different target groups as well as that of the company and keep all needs in mind.

Understanding in order to design

User Research

To ensure that design always corresponds to its individual target group, we take their perspective into account in our user research using various methods. We accompany, participate, observe and document. This way, we create a solid basis for future project steps and provide valuable insights for designers from all disciplines.

improvement From the beginning

Touchpoint Design

For an optimal customer experience, we develop service touchpoints, such as voicebots or service hotlines, from the user's perspective. In continuous consultations with all relevant stakeholders, we evaluate possible solutions and enable implementation and connectivity within the company. Through a continuous exchange with real users, we get the best out of every touchpoint.

Handing over our own tools

Training & Learning Formats

It is in the nature of service offerings that they are constantly growing and expanding to include new technologies, users and legal requirements. That is why it is important to us to hand over our own methods to companies, authorities and institutions on a long-term basis. We enable organizations to continuously evaluate, measure and solve their own problems. When setting up training formats, we address the specific service processes as well as the technical and professional needs of the training participants.

Support research projects

Research & Teaching

In the past, research into innovative technologies often ignored the actual user experience. True to the motto: the technology sets the pace. Today, many funding projects attach great importance to considering all people right from the start. We use our experience to support research groups in various subject areas.

Every problem requires a new approach.
Together we will find a suitable solution.