Trim path

Optimization all the way.

Process evaluation in the Rail Travel Service Center

Everyone benefits from smooth service. For DB Dialog, we identify the most important measures for an all-around more efficient service center after extensive evaluation.

Shadowing, Service Blueprints, Touchpoint Analysis, Benchmarking: Best of Class Analysis, Visualization

Our goal

Smooth processes in the Rail Travel Service Center.

Good service for customers and cost saving work measures for the company are not contradictory. When customers receive quick and competent answers to their questions and employees can concentrate fully on their work, everyone benefits. The aim of the project was therefore to reduce the workload in the Rail Travel Service Center and make it more efficient.
Our approach

A look inside the headquarters.

To reduce costs, you have to understand how they occur. To do this, we analyzed existing data, conducted interviews and accompanied service center employees at work. In the process, we were able to identify all touchpoints along the customer journey with potential for improvement. This is because optimally designed, user-centric touchpoints automatically reduce the need to contact customer service. The solutions we developed were then evaluated for their impact and feasibility. 
An image that shows a few different people working together in a callcenter. They all have a computer and a headphone to work with and seem to be engaging with callers at the moment.
The result

Find problems – think in terms of solutions.

Evaluated is not yet changed. That's why we joined forces with DB Dialog GmbH to discuss how the Kickoff for change can also have an impact within the company. What transfer is needed for meaningful and sustainable changes to take place?

Since the solutions outlined and evaluated went beyond the sphere of influence of the Service Center and affected touchpoints throughout the company, the results were prepared in such a way that they could be transferred to all relevant departments for further processing. As a result, we were not only able to help reduce expenses in the service center, but also to initiate improvements along the entire customer journey for everyone involved.
»The view from outside was very valuable and had a deeper impact on our company than we had imagined.«
– Oliver Grube - Senior Project Officer at DB Dialog GmbH

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