In our podcast we want to share our curiosity and experiences in the field of service design, customer satisfaction and user experience.

Episode 05

Anika Wilczek, project-based work in administration?

Driving change is not easy - but Anika Wilczek is not giving up. In her role as a consultant at PD - Berater der öffentlichen Hand GmbH, she brings agile working to the public sector and creates scope for interdisciplinary teams.

How do we achieve process automation when fewer and fewer people are working in public authorities? Why is it important for managers to identify with projects? And when does a high need for security become an obstacle?

We address all of these questions in this episode of why!

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Episode 04

Benjamin Schmidt, where does innovation meet administration?

Can public authorities and administrations act as drivers of innovation? Benjamin Schmidt from the Berlin Senate Department for the Interior and Sport says: Yes!

This requires mediators between politics, institutions and specialist areas - strengthened by research. In precisely this role, his area of work brings topics relating to security and police work one step closer to an agile and digital future.

We talk to him about the similarities between sociology and criminology, a pilot project to help with domestic violence and the question of what motivates people to become police officers today.

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Episode 03

Jens Lunze, why do crises need standards?

Jens Lunze from DB Dialog faces crises and crisis communication in several functions at Deutsche Bahn. Whether as a product owner for customer contact applications and workforce management or even on the tracks in an emergency. In this episode of why, we talk to him about his role as regional support manager in crisis management.

Traffic accidents, natural disasters and emergencies: How does the transport company deal with these extreme situations for employees and passengers? And how do you switch your entire operations to remote when a very small thing triggers a particularly big crisis - a virus?

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Episode 02

Malte Kosub, how does AI help in customer service?

We talk to Malte Kosub: Co-founder and CEO of Parloa. His start-up is not only growing rapidly, but is also bringing machine learning to customer service in the long term. Bots that are difficult or impossible to understand on the phone are a thing of the past - and can even be likeable.

But this requires a lot of know-how. Together, we get to the bottom of the question of how bots are becoming service personalities, whether employees and AI are in competition and which new professional fields are developing in this time of upheaval.

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Episode 01

Prof. Birgit Mager, wie wird man Service Designer?

In the first episode of why, we talk to service design pioneer, co-founder and president of the International Service Design Network, Birgit Mager. She is Germany's first professor in the discipline and has been involved since the 1990s.

In this interview, she tells us how she managed to get started via detours and with a lot of curiosity and why the firm establishment of service design methods in companies is more important today than ever - but is unfortunately still considered innovative.

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Episode 00

Warum why?

Service centers, offices, waiting rooms: our service landscape is more diverse than ever before. We want to build bridges between disciplines and stakeholders, between companies and their customers - and not only pass on our own knowledge, but also learn a lot of new things.

In conversation with interesting guests and in exchange with each other, we focus on our own and external projects, exciting topics in service design and the latest developments. And we always ask: Why?

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about the podcast

why - a service design podcast.

why" is all about why and questioning.
In interviews with experts from various fields, we discuss projects, insights and new developments from our collaboration with companies, organizations and authorities.

In our day-to-day work, we design service experiences that relieve and inspire. In the podcast, we want to share our curiosity and experience in the areas of service design, customer satisfaction and user experience. Our goal is to encourage listeners to optimize their own services and develop innovative solutions.

A podcast by why does robin with:
Daniela Hensel - Professor, Public Service Expert & Transformation Coach and Ann-Christin Ahrens - Service Designer, Strategist and Project Management Expert

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