Technology sets the pace? We don't believe that. We use our experience to support research groups and develop their projects in a user-centric way.

Professor Daniela Hensel, Service Designer, Strategist and Transformation Director at why does robin is standing in front of a wooden wall

Between client appointment
and research questions.

As a professor at HTW Berlin beschäftigt sich Daniela Hensel intensiv mit Service Design und Public Design. Sie unterstützt besonders in der Forschung rund um digitale Verwaltung und Behördeninnovation. Dabei ist das Hauptanliegen immer gleich: verständliche Kommunikation, lückenlose Informationen und menschenzentrierte Verwaltung für Bürger:innen.

Research areas

Language of Public Authorities - Public Design - Service Design - Design Thinking - UX Research - Interaction Design - Citizen Communication - Crisis Communication - Public Change - Administrative Innovation

IFAF research project

From administrative act to a space of experience.

In this IFAF research project, service design methods were applied in the public administration of the Neukölln Dental Service. Led and supervised by Prof. Daniela Hensel at HTW Berlin.

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Project Plan #B

Emergency Management and User Needs.

We support the Plan #B research project with methods from service design. After all, disaster protection must be designed for and with the people it is supposed to protect.

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